Our Publishing Services

  • Classified services, data, results and sports statistics, including in real time
  • TV guide service and programming with original photos and plots
  • Cinema and theatre programming service at national level, with trailer, photo and plot service
  • Economic and financial services (data and market analysis)
  • On-demand journalistic and photographic services and special ad hoc editorials
  • Daily weather and horoscope service
  • Lotto and lottery service

TV Content Production

Creazioni Editoriali manages an archive of schedules through its own systems of about 200 broadcasters belonging to the different distribution platforms. The individual events are accompanied by descriptive notes, photos, and especially for films, by plots and comments, the result of the original contribution of our editorial staff. The service supplies numerous newspaper publication in paper format and related websites.

Services for sport

Real time national and international sports competitions on more than 12 sports in conjunction with Perform group. Provision of results, rankings, tables and competition reports from national championships through to regional amateur categories of more than 12 sports. Provision of sports statistics, competition photos, interviews and comments.

Cinema and theatre programming service

Supply of programmes for cinemas and theatres distributed throughout the country. Trailer service, original film profiles and plots, photos and posters

Economic and financial services (data and market analysis)

Daily data summaries of the financial markets, analysis and weekly trends of companies listed on the markets. Graphical summary of the main market indicators

Weather and horoscope services

Supply of main data on the national and regional weather situation and forecasts, measured and forecast temperatures, air quality and sea and wind situation. Daily horoscope, with ascendants and by type. Annual general horoscope for the 12 signs.

Lotto and lottery service

Results of the lottery games with statistics, late numbers and frequencies.

Design and graphic design - Special thematic editorials

Thanks to the experience of our graphic and technical staff we are able to design inserts, books, turnkey and ready-for-printing magazines as well as special web content with multimedia (a hoc photos, videos and infographics).

Management of social media, content moderation, thematic blogs.

Realization of business on the social network for both publishers and companies thanks to the direct support of our staff in programming and defining the strategy to be applied on a case by case basis. Social media marketing but also production of content to accompany the development and growth of user engagement. In this context we insert blogs with vertical themes created by our journalistic staff.

Development and management of databases on thematic contents

From client needs analysis to data flow management, with ingestion and final output. Our technical and journalistic staff is able to deal with every need relating to the creation of data flows through to their publication in the final formats selected by the client.

Branded content and editorial services for the corporate world

The information passes through the creation of content such to recount and create interest in a product, a production process, a service developed by companies. For this reason, our staff is able to create and manage information flows close to the needs of corporate clients in the various production sectors.

Case History

Rankings and Tables
Rankings and Tables

Thanks to a huge network of national and international partnerships, we are able to provide live results of all major […]

TV Program Guide
TV Program Guide

We collect and digitize the programming of more than 150 national and international broadcasters. The individual events are accompanied by […]

Cinema programming
Cinema programming

We provide daily programming of cinemas and theatres all over the country and are able to manage local initiatives such […]



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